The end of normal.

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A new value proposition.

From retail to travel through innovation.

Hotelverse gives travelers the opportunity to fly over the hotel, explore its facilities, hyper-customize a specific room, and book it.

Hotelverse is changing the rules giving the hotel an irreplicable value proposition by OTAs, that will change the distribution status quo.


Digital Hub.

Impress potential guests and showcase your hotel as never before.

Conversion rate & customer satisfaction

Choose your room.

Hyper-customize and select the exact room.

Extra ancillaries

Design your stay.

Create new revenue streams through booking experiences and services during the pre-stay.

Let the figures speak for themselves.

You must be tired of everyone telling you that your sales figures will improve and that your ROI could be better, blah, blah, blah… Our figures are truly impressive, but you’ll only believe that when you
understand the reason why.

It’s very simple: 98% of your website traffic does not result in bookings, and there’s a reason for that —
you have nothing different to offer apart from discounts or extra benefits. Moreover, you have to do
it behind the scenes, and it’s difficult to explain to the customer.

Stop hiding, stop offering discounts, and offer something genuinely different and of high value on your website — something that will convince the
prospective customer.

Our success is leveraged on improving the conversion rate of customers who visit your website via metasearch engines or OTAs in search of more content and offers. The improvement in the conversion rate comes about because customers find something that you, and only you, can offer them. That’s why our figures speak for themselves.


Conversion rate

Cuts out the middleman

Traffic from OTAs and metasearch engines achieves a higher conversion rate at thanks to a value offer that no one else can match.


Better rooms

The scarcity principle

Book rooms in a higher category by understanding the value proposition and the uniqueness of their choice.



Customized holidays

Extra income grows due to charging intermediary clients for selecting their room and the generation of new revenue streams.


Prefers the map


The customer knows that he will be making his booking in an environment designed completely with them in mind.


Product understanding


It is important to have the view from the room.



Power to choose

Have booked through this channel thanks to the ability to book the specific room.

Developed by HOTELIERS for hoteliers.

+$3M invested since 2019

The reception is back in control.

Reception assigns rooms in a simple and intuitive way.

Plug & Play technology.

Plug-in that integrates with the current hotel tech stack.

APIfied platform.

Hotelverse embeds itself on top of the hotel´s existing technology, removing the barriers to entry.

Fully integrated.

Hotelverse integrates with any Booking Engine and PMS in the world.

We are building the largest hospitality e-commerce integration network in the world.

Plug & play.

Easy and fast onboarding process, softly involving the hotel.

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Saas pricing model.

By now, you will have realized that we have a great deal to offer you. Our pricing plans adjust to all types of hotels, from independent or urban ones, to large resorts and international chains.

A self-paid platform.

Only 2 disintermediated reservations per week for Hotelverse to be paid by itself.

Grupo Presidente
Hard Rock Hotel
Zafiro Hotels

Over 1500 Hotels

Will be on
by the end
of 2023

Our clients.

“The Hotel Industry needs a quantum leap in the way it customizes the booking experience, just like Retail already does. Hotelverse is undoubtedly a giant step forward that will help us to sell better.”

Braulio Arsuaga
CEO, President Group

Adored by the Industry.

Within a short space of time, industry has recognized our technology’s disruptive capacity.

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Maximum media exposure.

More than 2 dedicated articles every day.

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International Acceleration.

Some of the main startup accelerator programs are helping us to build the hotel´s distribution future.

Our team

Some of the main startup accelerator programs are helping us to build the hotel´s distribution future.


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